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We are the country's leading site for comparing bad credit mobile phones in the market! If you have been rejected before by other network providers because of your credit rating, Design Mobiles can offer the most perfect solution, all for FREE! To get started, just complete our simple online application form, and we'll help you obtain your newest contract phone today!

What is a Phone Contract?

A mobile phone contract is an agreement with a specific network provider, wherein you sign up to make monthly payments for a specific amount of time. Depending on your monthly payments, you'll be able to get a specified number of inclusive tariffs as well as a new mobile phone. This allows you to use your mobile services continuously, unlike with PAYG wherein you need to top up first before you can start using your phone.

Traditionally, phone contracts are extremely challenging to qualify for, and only those with impressive credit history are known to be accepted. These days, however, you'll find that you can easily obtain a contract phone no matter what your credit is, with a little help from Design Mobiles and our partners like ContractPhones365.

What We Do

Design Mobiles compares contract phones for bad credit and lay them all out for you to choose from. We constantly hunt for the latest mobile phone deals that have the highest acceptance rates in the market, in order to ensure that your application will be accepted as well. Our partners include some of the best mobile carriers in the country such as EE, O2, and Virgin, which means you'll be able to receive the most reliable service and coverage.

How Much Will I Be Billed?

Your monthly bills will depend on a few factors. Of course, a more expensive phone and more number of inclusive credits will demand higher monthly payments. If you stick to your allotted monthly usage, you'll only have to pay for the agreed amount, however, any excess in your usage will be charged on top of your normal bill. To avoid this, you may want to consider trying out unlimited packages.

How Long Will My Contract Last?

Mobile contracts normally last for about 18 to 24 months. However, if you want to sign up for a shorter term period, we suggest trying out one of the SIM only deals offered by our partners. While you can't get a new phone with SIM only deals, you'll be able to save much more on tariffs and you can opt out of the service in as early as 30 days.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

The application process itself only takes a few seconds for you to fill out and submit our online form. Afterwards, your application will be reviewed and your quote will be sent within minutes!

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